How to choose your Dog Harness Vest?

How to choose your Dog Harness Vest?

There are many options out in the market, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, but who has the Best Dog Harness Vest?

There are several aspects to consider before getting one and there are thousands of types of dog harnesses, all of them says they are best dog harness for walking or the best dog harness vest, most of them says their Dog Harness is Strong, unfortunately most of them has weaker straps tight to the chest area, this characteristic and cheap materials may cause that harness get damaged.

chewing dog

As we mentioned, lots of brands promises that you will receive the Best Dog Harness, but be careful and check also the price, most of them are between $12 and $20, how this cheap items can be built with Strong and High Quality Materials??….. IMPOSSIBLE.

Usually dog harness from amazon are cheaper options while petsmart dog harnesses are expensive, so you will need to find the balance between price and quality.

Is your Dog pulling you?

If you are looking for a dog harness no pull or to stop pulling, probably the best option for you is a collar, when you handle a dog from the neck you will have a better control over your pet.

Another characteristic you need to check is the Dog Leash or Dog Lead attachment, most of the brands in the market also promises Strong D-rings, but most of them has plastic strong Dog Leash or Dog Leads attachment!! Those D-rings may work for a French Poodle or a Chihuahua but not for a medium size dog or a large dog.

Strong and Sturdy Dog Harness

For these reasons KnK Dog Supplies developed the Best Dog Harness Vest, this item is Heavy Duty Dog Harness Vest, it’s main characteristic is a Step in Harness specially designed to be a Sturdy Dog Harness. It is not chewy resistant but keep in mind that a Dog Harness is not a toy for your dog, it is a tool to walk, track, pull or run with your dog.

Dog Harness Vest



✔ Practical and Durable – Easy and fast to put on and off, adjustable slide straps from 24” to 39” for Neck and Chest, Great item to walk, run, train or even Pull! Adjustable straps harness and EXTREMELY Heavy Duty metallic attachment points to hook up any Dog Leash or Dog Lead, MATERIAL DOES NOT get ripped

✔ Comfortable Padded Chest – If your dog is a natural puller you can walk your pet safe, this step in dog harness is designed to distribute dog’s weight around the high quality padded chest area to avoid any injury at the dog’s neck with the use of a Dog Collar.

✔ Big and Strong Puller Dog? – No Problem Harness will fit on any dog of these dimensions 24” to 39” for Chest and 24” to 39” for Neck, besides, harness was tested with Pitbull’s, Boxers and Siberian Husky pullers without any damage, so can be used for Medium Dog Breeds or Large Dog Breed. Heavy Duty Dog Harness!

✔ Features and Materials – Main material does not get ripped (1600 lbs tensile strength of 2-Inch-wide), Padded on the chest area for Safety and Comfort, Heavy Duty Metal Attachment Links for any Dog Leash or Dog Leads, once adjusted its strong slide straps will keep the same harness size all the time

This Harness can be also used as Car Dog Harness, it is not crash tested but material resistance is 1600 lbs

Dog Seat Belt!

This sturdy Dog Harness Vest also can be used as Dog Seat Belt, check the following image and get your now!!

Dog Seat Belt

Stop thinking and order now this amazing and Heavy Duty Dog Harness!!

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