Belgian Malinois

Did you know Belgian Malinois can reach an impressive top speed of 30 miles per hour?? These guys are extremely intelligent and a hard-working breed, that is why these guys are used for police and military purposes, they have the perfect balance between loyalty, strength, agility and speed!!



These guys are commonly between the Males are 24 to 26 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh 60 to 80 pounds. Females are 22 to 24 inches tall and weigh 40 to 60 pounds.


Do you have a Belgian Malinois? If so, then you need to know this:

These guys are extremely energetic dogs, think well before you get one, it does not matter if you know how to deal with hyperactive dogs, these guys are the next level

Malinois are extremely intelligent and alert dogs, so be careful with strangers, these guys will protect you and your family with the minimum provocation

As puppy’s these are should be called hippies!! They destroy everything!! So, make sure you are providing your dog with the appropriate toys, otherwise your shoes will become fun!

If you are not a very athletic person a dog like this would be a great opportunity to start doing some exercise, just be careful, Malinois are not recommended for inexperienced dog owners due to the high levels of energy, but if even with that you really want one just make sure you are using the appropriate tools, as a Strong Dog Harness or a High-Quality Dog Collar, do not waste your money with cheap stuff that this breed will destroy immediately


Provide him with a high-quality food, due to its nature these guys need a high-quality dog food and even treats to keep good levels of carbohydrates and proteins, low quality food and treats will make this dog looks as “Skinny”


Owner needs to be a strong pack leader, these dogs tend to get bored and destroy everything if his leader does not challenge them enough, try to exercise your Malinois off leash so he can burn all the energy!! Then you’ll avoid burning ALL that energy with your couch



As we mentioned before, Malinois can reach an impressive speed of 30 mph or even more!! So, it is important to provide these guys with the appropriate supplementation, there are many options out at the market, but we recommend this Chicken with glucosamine dog treats, and we recommend it because it’s keeping our Malinois in a great shape!!

In summary, Malinois is not for any person because they are extremely energetic dogs and possess an intelligence over the average, so based on all these facts if you are not a experienced dog owner with lots of energy this kind of dog s would become a problem for you

But if you still want one, we can say these guys are a great experience, friends, bodyguards and they will bring you lots of fun!! Good Luck!!


These are our recommendations for train and maintenance of your Malinois: