Boxer Dogs

Did you know Boxers are one of the best-recommended breeds for children? Well, they are. These guys are full of love and patience for children, that is why we keep out motto, “a boxer will NEVER attack a child”. However, they might be a little bit different if you try to push their limits of course.

Some characteristics:

Let’s talk about their origin first. The origin of boxers started in Germany, and then they were brought to America. This is why there are two different types of boxers, the American and European. Talking from experience with this breed for more than a couple of years, the European is often used for work purposes. On the other hand, the American is more attractive as a pet since they are considered adults until they are 3 years old. However, it does not mean that they will become slower!

We all know these dogs are strong with a muscular body (well-trained of course). They are fast and extremely athletic. These are some of the reasons why they are adopted such as personal protection dogs, police officers and even the military. Once we saw a boxer as a pack leader for hunting wild boars.


Some about training:

As we all know these dogs are very energetic and that usually leads them to destroying whatever the see in front of them. For this reason, proper training is always mandatory for this breed. They love pulling adequate weight to work their muscles, bike-joring as a cardio and jumping to develop a nice body shape. Be sure after all this exercise, you will keep them away from destroying your personal belongings!


Bongo waiting for his ride:

This guy is waiting for a ride!!Sturdy Harness for a Strong guy!

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We would like to mention that If you want to try some weight pulling with your loved one, please make sure your boxer is ready for it. It is recommended that the dog reaches maturity and consider light weight to begin with. Also, proper equipment is always mandatory such as a comfortable and safe harness. Remember, this is always a plus to avoid any injury as the dog is moving all the time.

Bongo doing some lightweight pulling:

Weight workout!!

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These are the tools we use to keep our boxer dogs healthy and in GREAT shape!!:

Great training to connect with your pet!

Bongo, our amazing Boxer!!!

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