A boxer dog will never attack a child


There has been a lot of controversy over our last topic: “A boxer dog will never attack a child”. We had many positive and a few negative comments regarding this topic. We have even received a message including a police report confirming a Boxer’s attack on a child.

When we wrote that article, we did it thinking about our personal experience dealing with this type of dogs and with some of the opinions people post on our website. However, we remain firm that this breed will never attack a child for “no reason”. An attack can occur for many reasons and one of them is related to the type of treatment dogs get at home. Dogs enjoy love and affection. However, they do need to know the rules and boundaries in order to be a good and safe dog. This type of treatment has to be given with a strong bond based on work and most importantly, trust!

Variants of Boxer Dog  

We originally know that there are 2 variants of Boxers, the strong and robust European Boxer with a shortened snout that dates to the 19th century in Germany that it was originally raised for hunting and the American Boxer from the early 1904’s which is a little bit taller and with a more elongated snout. We believe that the American is a little bit more sociable than the European according to their history. The American Boxer was bred as a companion dog, best known as a family pet that is affectionate for children. However, it does not mean that all Boxer dogs are lovely with everyone out there. They do have a strong sense of ownership and they can be dangerous protecting their loved from someone else.

In our personal experience, we have bred both types of boxers, the American and the European. We consider that the European has a stronger sense of guardianship and protection than the American. The American has been more docile and incredibly playful. However, sometimes we noticed that the American can be a little fearful as well. Once again, this is only our personal experience and a dog’s behavior solely depends on the type of treatment they get at home.

Both breeds, the American and the European are amazing dogs with children because of their playful nature. We have seen many times how children play with this breed pulling their tails, ears or even mounting them with no issues at all. Boxers are confident, playful and they can be your child’s best friend.

Responsible Owners 

On the other hand, there are some not very responsible owners that make this type of breed a terrible breed for the entire society, not only for kids. Dogs can develop a neurotic behavior if their needs (work, attention and training) are not fulfilled. This can turn into a nightmare since these unattended dogs can be dangerous for everyone out there. For this reason, we do strongly believe that a well-attended and trained dog with love and affection can be a perfect playmate.

At KnK, we love to keep our dogs healthy and strong with safe workouts and nutrition according to their needs. We make sure to give them love and affection all the time making sure all their needs are being fulfilled. Some of our dogs have developed musculature by pulling weight and having a good nutrition. However, musculature is not an easy task since there are many recommendations out there. One of the most important is that dogs cannot get BURNED OUT. Weight has to be calculated depending on the breed, weight, height and many other factors. A good workout will keep your dog strong and healthy.


In order to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, we use different types of toys, their favorite, tennis balls. Our dogs love running after the ball to catch it. They have a blast and at the same time it helps them to develop speed, agility and a very precise bite that can be used during training. However, this is not the only exercise our dogs love, bikejoring is one of their favorites. Our dogs love pulling the bikes using the proper harness and chain. This type of exercise is good for the dog and also for the owner.

Our Boxer dog running after the ball!!

Great training to connect with your pet!

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They both can work out and have a great time together. However, there are some recommendations as well if your dog is pulling, jumping obstacles or any type of workout. First, a good nutrition is mandatory. Supplements are a great way to keep it up with a good nutrition and fast workout recovery to maintain an optimal balance after a good workout. Remember that early care is the best way to avoid most of the problems when your loved one reaches an advanced age, specially boxers that they do genetically tend to have joint issues in advanced ages. And Secondly,

Light Weight Pulling Training with our Boxer Dog!!

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Always remember to take care of your loved ones!