A Boxer Dog will never attack a child

Boxer Dog There has been a lot of controversy over our last topic: “A boxer dog will never attack a child”. We had many positive and a few negative comments regarding this topic. We have even received a message including a police report confirming a Boxer’s attack on a child. When we wrote that article, … Read more

Boxer Dogs

Did you know Boxers are one of the best-recommended breeds for children? Well, they are. These guys are full of love and patience for children, that is why we keep out motto, “a boxer will NEVER attack a child”. However, they might be a little bit different if you try to push their limits of … Read more

The Belgian Malinois

Did you know Belgian Malinois can reach an impressive speed of 30 miles per hour? These guys are extremely intelligent and a hard-working breed, this is why these dogs are used for police and military purposes, they have the perfect balance between Intelligence, loyalty, strength, agility and speed!     The Belgian Malinois is an … Read more

Dog Challenge through Dog Sport in 2021

Dog Challenge

What is the Best Dog Challenge for your Dog in 2021? First of all make sure you are providing the right nutrition to any dog challenge and or training! There are dogs with natural muscles, some of them might be descendant of a strong developed breed, other are only company dogs but almost any dog … Read more

How to choose your Dog Harness Vest?

How to choose your Dog Harness Vest? There are many options out in the market, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, but who has the Best Dog Harness Vest? There are several aspects to consider before getting one and there are thousands of types of dog harnesses, all of them says they are best dog harness for walking … Read more

Why is my dog so destructive?

Are you struggling with Destructive Dog? or dog fights? Is your dog destroying everything in your house? Many Dogs tends to destroy things or fight because they are what the experts call High Energy Dogs, and the easiest way to deal with this kind of problems is the exercise, challenges and discipline. Keep in mind … Read more