March 24, 2019

Dog Challenge for high energy dogs!!

Dog  Challenge to develop dog muscles or even muscles for you by training with him!!

Dog Challenge


Make sure you are providing the right nutrition, right training and the right Dog Challenge!

There are dogs that has muscles due to natural physiognomy, some of them might be descendant of a strong developed breed, other are only company dogs but at the end almost any dog can develop strength and muscles, so it is important to identify if your dog breed tends naturally develops muscle due to its nature or if your dog is only a “bruce lee” that means a strong guy but with small muscles!! Any of the scenarios we recommend you to be patient and define what are your goals to start working on them until you find the perfect dog challenge for your dog!

Here are some recommendations if you are looking to develop muscles in your dog, these recommendations were developed in more than 10 years of experience with Boxer dogs:

 Step 1 – Dog Age

Make sure your Dog is at least 1 year old, if not you can start with daily walks or even daily runs, walks and runs are perfect to start conditioning your dog muscles and even yours! Also by doing this you will develop your dog´s cardio system, in this way your dog will be ready to start with jumps training or even weight pulling!

Step 2 – Endurance 

Once you see a progress on your dog (on daily walks or runs), it may take until a month depending if your dog is a beginner, so be patient, keep in mind that not all dogs are willing to cooperate so we recommend to execute any exercise as a play, you can identify which toy your dog prefers and initially use it as bait or just let your dog play with the toy after a training session

Step 3 – Choosing the right Dog Training 

Try different exercises – Training, Jumps, Skate, Biking, Weight Pulling, Canicross, and Obstacles or just through the ball! Once you identify what exercise your dog prefers you can test different modes or increase the difficulty or intensity level

Dog Challenge


Step 4 – Add a Dog Challenge 

Once you identified your dog resistance is ready you need to identify how to add a challenge as weight pull, there are several options we recommend as:

1.-Dog Weight Pulling Training

Dog Challenge

2.-Skates with a Dog Harness Vest

Dog Challenge

3.-Bikejorking using a Dog Harness Vest

Dog Challenge


4.- Canicross

Dog Challenge


You can choose any of these options or let your dog choose by practicing all of them and paying special attention to that one you notice your dog really enjoys

Step 5 – Nutrition 

Make sure you are providing the right dog nutrition if your dog is performing exhausting work outs, in our case besides a high protein dog food (at least 27% of protein) we also include eggs, liver, chicken, corn syrup and multivitamins, all these ingredients will help to create fat and muscle.

Step 6 – Hydration and rest


Dog Challenge

Proper hydration and adequate rest, make sure your dog has always fresh water and a comfortable place to rest, these aspects are key so your dog will recover faster from work outs.


And remember any Dog Challenge is good just you need to be constant to develop dog muscles, keep a routine and we are sure you’ll see results in a short period of time, keep in mind that all these aspects will also develop a strong connection with your dog!!