March 25, 2019

Dog Collar or Sturdy Dog Harness?

Dog Collar


Many people is constantly asking if their dogs needs a dog collar or sturdy dog harness? so here are some things you may consider before getting your new Dog Product:

Dog First Time Owner

Safety is first

If you are a beginner and if you are not in complete control over your dog by using a Dog Collar some neck injuries may happen, it is so common that high energy dogs pull their owners or fight the dog leash during walks, for this reason it is recommended to use a Sturdy Dog Harness, in this way instead having dog’s weight concentrated in the trachea all the dog’s weight will be spread in the chest area.



Aspects to consider

There are thousands of Dog Harnesses available but before getting one we recommend that you consider some safety aspects as: make sure it is a Padded Dog Harness and make sure it is an Adjustable Dog Harness, you will need to measure your Dog and compare those measurements against manufacturer specs in order to assure that Dog Harness will fit your dog, also check as many pictures as you can so you will have a better idea in how your new Dog Harness will fit on your Dog, remember it is extremely important that design of the Dog Harnees disperses the dog’s weight over the chest area and not only on the neck or stomach area.

Knk Dog Supplies is offering a great Sturdy Dog Harness, this one is a adjustable dog harness for medium size dogs to large dogs, it is durable, easy to harness up and can be also used as car Dog Seat Belt Harness. Main material is webbing that resists up to 1600 lbs, any Dog Leash can be attached to the Harness back and its padded chest area will keep your dog comfortable all the time. Its design separates your dog’s weight over the chest area, its strong heavy-duty materials as metal rings makes this dog harness resistant and cool, besides its cool colors combination, yellow and black, will make your dog look amazing!!


So next time you need to decide between a dog collar or sturdy dog harness?  we are sure now you have more information to pick the right one! let us know what you think!

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