Dog Pulling Harness

Dog Weight Pulling Harness

Padded, Strong and Sturdy Dog Pulling Harness by KnK Dog Supplies - Drain all that accumulated energy and keep your dog in Great Shape !!

Great item to train your dog by adding a extra challenge while  walking or running!! 

Connect with your dog and have fun while your dog develops strength and muscles  

This harness is designed to hook up anything, from a simple pet leash to a sophisticated weight equipment

It is great for any kind of dog,  professional weight pullers or family pets, also it is recommended for dogs with high energy levels.

High Quality Materials

Heavy weight 1600 lbs tensile strength, 2 Inch wide, Thickness: Approximately 1.71mm, Melting point of 330 degrees Fahrenheit, Heavy Duty Padding of 10mm on the chest area for Safety and maximum Comfort.

Looking for Muscle Development?

✔ This is the Item you are looking for, with the appropriate training, nutrition and discipline your pet will have amazing results, also with the you’ll develop a strong connection with your friend.

Bad Behavior Issues?

DRAIN ALL THAT ACCUMULATED ENERGY!! This harness can help if you have a high energy dog! You can exercise your pet and control bad behavior caused by accumulated energy, resulting on a healthy, happy and Strong dog!!

Dimensions & Features

Harness will fit on dogs that are within 39” for Chest and 26” for Neck, length of the harness is 47”

Refer to the size chart image for reference

Size Guide

**Great for weight pulling, design includes a final separator that allows your pet to pull on its four legs at the same time, providing excellent grip and traction.

Black Pulling Harness

dog pulling harness

Super Durable and Extremely Comfortable!!

Black Pulling Harness with yellow stitch

Same Great quality as the black harness but with some details in yellow, Super durable and extremely comfortable!!


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