March 25, 2019

Dog Weight Pulling Harness to develop muscles


dog weight pulling harness

Presenting the Dog Weight Pulling Harness – keep your Dog amused and in Great Shape by draining accumulated energy!, This Item will make your dog capable to pull a Dog Pulling cart, or your dog can also pull you while you a ridding a bicycle or skating! Check this Weight Pulling Dog Harness!

Great as Pitbull pulling harness but any breed can use this Dog Weight Pulling Harness!!

dog weight pulling harness


  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! Your dog will be your new bodyguard because he will develop muscle and strength; juts imagine your new protection for you and your family!
  • WORKING DOGS!, who does not love working dogs? This harness can totally transform your friend from a common dog to an amazing working dog!! High Energy Dog? Not a problem because this harness will help you to drain all the accumulated energy in your dog resulting in a better behavior and social approval
  • TRAINING!, this harness allows you to train your dog in a safe way because you can pull anything; your imagination is the limit, material resistance up to 1600lbs
  • WALKING, you can comfortably walk the dog and the same time add a challenge to your dog by hook up the harness to some weight or training cart, people loves to see working dogs
  • SAFE, your pet will be comfortable all the time because this harness is padded in the chest area, so don’t worry and start training!

Start now with your Weight Pulling Dog Harness and let us know your results!

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