March 23, 2019

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Dog Treats Biscuits Organic Made of Peanut Butter | Peanut Butter Dog Treats





Our Peanut Butter Dog Treats are just the right size and made with just the right ingredients so that all dogs, no matter how big or small can enjoy them over and over again. Plus, they are easily chewable and super delicious!


We’ve made our peanut butter dog treats using only the best and all-natural ingredients such as real peanut butter, blueberries, rye flour, rice flour, applesauce, oatmeal, flax, and rice bran.


 With our carefully and deliciously blended formula of natural ingredients, our natural dog chew cookies are perfect for helping your dog fight free radicals, promoting healthy digestion, and proving them energy.


 These dog chew bites are the perfect treat to reward your dog during their training. Their tasty flavor and easily chewable texture make them love the first lick for many dogs, which in turn helps them concentrate more on their reward.



 If for any reason you or your dog are not 100% satisfied with our dog snacks, then simply contact our friendly customer service experts for a new replacement or full refund. No questions asked!


Product description


KnK Dog Supplies Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Do you love your dog and only want the best and most delicious and nutritious dog treats for them? Have you been looking for the perfect dog snack that’s perfect for helping train your dog?

We know how important it is to provide your dog with a healthy and nutritious diet, even when giving them the occasional dog treat. Whether you’re showing your furry friend just how much you love them or are trying to train them, our organic dog treats are the perfect snack that you and your dog are sure to love.

With our dog chew bites natural formula, your dog will love them based on how tasty and easy to chew they are and you’ll love them for just how beneficial they are to your companion’s health and well-being. Plus, no matter the size, shape, or breed of your dog, our natural dog chew cookies are easily chewable and digestible for them.

Chewable Dog Treats’ Ingredients:

  • Real Peanut Butter – A great protein source with no artificial sweeteners added
  • Blueberries – High in vitamin C and low in fiber and calories
  • Rye Flour – Low in gluten but high in nutrition. A good source of protein, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and B vitamins
  • Rice Flour – An ideal alternative for dogs with a sensitivity to wheat
  • Applesauce – Adds a great sweet flavor and contains antioxidants, dietary fiber, vitamin A and C
  • Oatmeal – A wonderful carbohydrate with an abundance of minerals, antioxidants, vitamin B and linoleic acid
  • Flax – Good source of Omega-3 and other fatty acids
  • Rice Bran – A dog superfood which improves colon health and helps with weight management

At KnK Dog Supplies, we care about building the relations between dogs and their owners. That’s why we always pour our own love and commitment into every one of our dog snacks in order to help ensure everlasting and loving bonds between you and your furry companion.


Peanut Butter Dog CookiesPeanut Butter Dog Cookies