Dog Harness Vest
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Dog Harness Vest Padded adjustable with heavy duty attachment links, this is the best heavy duty dog harness for strong dogs, step in dog harness for medium or large dogs, sturdy enough for any breed Pitbull Boxer Husky Rottweiler or also can be used as car seat belt!!

Practical and Durable:
✔Easy and fast to put on and off, Heavy duty Clasp to avoid gets broken,adjustable slide straps from 24” to 39” for Neck and Chest, Great item to walk, run, train or even Pull!. Adjustable straps harness and EXTREMELY Heavy Duty metallic attachment points to hook up any Dog Leash, MATERIAL DOES NOT get ripped

Comfortable Padded Chest?
✔If your dog is a natural puller you can walk your pet safe, this dog harness vest is designed to distribute dog’s weight around the high quality padded chest area to avoid any injury that may happen at the dog’s neck with the use of a Dog Collar.

Big and Strong Puller Dog?:
✔No problem Harness will fit on any dog of these dimensions 24” to 39” for Chest and 24” to 39” for Neck, besides, materials were tested with Pitbull’s, Boxers and Siberian Husky pullers without any damage, so this a Heavy Duty Dog Harness.

Features and Materials:
✔Main material does not get ripped (1600 lbs tensile strength of 2-Inch-wide), Padded on the chest area for Safety and Comfort, Heavy Duty Metal Attachment Links for any Dog Leash, once adjusted its strong slide straps will keep the same harness size all the time


Big Dog Harness
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Big dog harness padded, Strong and Sturdy by KnK Dog Supplies | Weight Pulling Harness Vest Large Dogs Training quick Walking Keep your Dog amused and in Great Shape by draining accumulated energy!

Dog Harness:
✔Great item to walk, run, train, get connection and provide hours of fun with your friend because harness design allows to hook up a simple pet leash to a sophisticated weight equipment, other products tend to close rear legs of the dog resulting on poor pulling, so it is great for any kind of dog, weight pullers or canicross performers. Any dog pet, it can be used by pet dogs or by work dogs

✔Harness will fit on dogs that reach up to 39” Chest and 26” Neck, length of the harness is 47”. Easy to harness up!

High Quality Materials:
✔Heavy weight 1600 lbs tensile strength, 2 Inch wide, Thickness: Approximately 0.067″ or 1.71mm, Melting point of 330 degrees Fahrenheit, UV, Rot, Mildew and Moisture Resistant, Padded on the chest area for Safety and Comfort.

Looking for muscle development?: 
✔ This is the Item you are looking for, because with the appropriate training, nutrition and discipline your pet will have amazing results. Besides with the appropriate discipline you’ll develop a strong connection with your friend.

Bad Behavior?: 
✔This harness can help if you have a high energy dog! Because you can exercise your pet and control bad behavior caused by accumulated energy, resulting on a healthy, happy and invaluable pet.



  • ✔Great for weight pulling, includes a final separator that allows your pet to pull with its four legs at the same time, providing excellent grip and traction.

Think on the fun and training and order your harness now!!



Peanut Butter Dog Treats $14.99

Peanut Butter Dog Treats, crunchy natural bones with fresh blueberries and soy free, training rewards, dog snack and great protein source for healthy muscles 


  • 🐶 Great dog treats for any dog, these treats will be a delicious and healthy snacks for any dog!
  • 🐶 Peanut Butter Lovers will love these chews! Besides, Peanut butter sticks are a great source of protein to promote healthy muscles!
  • 🐶 Fresh Blueberries as antioxidants to help your dog fight free radicals, also small blueberries provide a long great flavor!
  • 🐶 Bone treat is a great source of energy Low Fat and Wheat to make these treats a dreambones!!
  • 🐶 No milkbone dog biscuits to promote healthy digestion, treat is for any small or large dog!

👍 Great rewards to train your dog or only to pamper your pet as a dog chew, no rawhide so this makes the dream bones for dogs

👍 Many dogs loves peanut butter, so your pet will love these treats! Peanut Butter is a good source of protein!

👍 Blueberries promotes same benefits than promotes in to you so this makes these treats a smart bones purchase! these treats contain very fresh and generous Blueberries!, Any dog can eat these treats, just you need to assure your dog is not allergic to the ingredients in this formula

👍 This treat can easily break into small parts and also can be used as dog bones for aggressive chewers

🐶 🐕 🗽 DOG TREATS MADE IN USA ONLY with Great Ingredients: Rye Flour – Very low in gluten but high in nutrition, it contains more protein, phosphorus, iron, potassium and B vitamins; Rice Flour – Good alternative for dogs who are sensitive to wheat products; Applesauce – is a sweet treat loved by dogs and contains antioxidants, dietary fiber, Vitamin A and vitamin C; Oatmeal – Great carbohydrate that offers abundance of nutritional value as minerals and antioxidants, vitamin B and linoleic acid; Flax – Good source of Omega-3 and fatty acids which are essential for skin and coat; Peanut butter – Great source of protein with no artificial sweeteners, Blueberries – Low in calories, fiber and high amounts of vitamin C; Rice Bran – Dog superfood, improves colon health and helps with weight management!:


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