Training Dog Collar

Training Sport Dog Collar

Training dog collar

KnK Training Dog Collar

Own a dog and need a sturdy sports training dog collar that can easily fit and is able to last through years of continued use?

Presenting ★KnK Dog Supplies Training Sport Dog Collar★

At KnK Dog Supplies, we believe in providing both pets and their owners with high-quality products that they both love and enjoy using. That’s why we’ve designed our durable and stylishly cool dog collar to be comfortable enough for your dog to enjoy wearing while being sturdy and simple for the owner to use. Our durable dog collar is especially great for medium and large dogs thanks to it being completely adjustable, going from 17 inches at its smallest to 22 inches when fully extended. It’s also incredibly lightweight, only weighing less than half a pound and being 2 inches thick, ensuring it isn’t uncomfortable for your furry companion to wear for long periods of time.

About the Collar

Practical and Durable Training Sport Dog Collar: Easy and fast to put on and off, adjustable slide straps from 17” to 22” inches, Great item to walk, run, train, or even Pull! (for pulling we recommend a Dog Harness) Adjustable strap and EXTREMELY Heavy-Duty metallic attachment point to hook up any Dog Leash, MATERIAL DOES NOT get ripped

tactical dog collar

Adjustment Metal D-Rings System

Strong Dog Collar

Internal and External Velcro Adjustment

Strong Dog Collar

Metal D-Ring Attachment Point

Strong Dog Collar

Comfortable to wear

If your dog is a natural puller you can walk your pet safe, this collar is designed with internal soft and comfortable padding to avoid any injury that may happen at the dog’s neck with the use of a common Dog Collar,

Padded Dog Collar

What can I do with my Sport Collar?

Our dog training collar has been made from incredibly tough and durable materials so that when doing tactical training or taking them on long walks, it won’t snap, tear, or break if your dog jerks away from you. To help with your activities, this sport dog is 2 inches wide which gives you more reliability over your dog. We’ve also added 10 millimeters of thick padding to the dog collar to help avoid any neck/trachea injuries that may happen with the use of a common dog collar.

Tactical dog collar

Tracking Training

tracking dog

Tactical or Protection Dog Training?

Dog training is another activity you can practice with this dog collar, there are many pieces of training out there as bite training, tracking, pulling, etcetera and all these activities are more secure for your dog if you practice with a reliable training dog collar

tactical dog training

Dog Walk?

Last but not least, with this collar you can also walk your dog...... yes, this incredible item also works with the basics and at your own pace and style!! there are many dogs that only wants to have a quite, slow and relaxing walk, so this collar can also cover that need

dog walk
comfortable dog collar

Key Features

Our Price??

How much do you spend on coffee every month?

Common person expends up to $2,000 dlls per year in coffee, around $160 dlls per month, so for this harness you won't pay even the 25% of your monthly coffee expend!!



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