Weight Pulling Harness

Dog pulling harness

Dog Weight Pulling Harness

A Healthy dog is a happy dog, but to keep your dog happy and healthy it is neccesary to satisfy their basic needs. As Cesar Millan said: exercise, then discipline, and then affection. 

Based on those principles is how we train our dogs. We love to see them progressing and developing muscles over the time. Almost any breed can be trained and this is why we developed our KNK Weight Pulling Harness  

Is weight-pulling good for dogs?

The short answer is YES, but obviously there are some aspects that needs to be considered prior to start with this kind of Dog Sport. Things you need to consider are age of your dog, weigth, size, breed and of course what is the goal that you and your fried are pursuing. 

If you are decided to start helping your dog to develop muscles you should know advantages between harnesses so you can choose the best option for your friend.   

In our case, these are the main differences between us and others:


  • Great Price: There are many cheaper options out there in the market, (weak harnesses of 1 inch made of cheaper Chinese materials) but there are no options that can offer the durability, sturdiness and comfort of our KNK Pulling Dog Harness; the high durability makes this dog harness the best option that lasts throughout the years
  • Perfect size for medium and large dogs: For those worried about the strength of medium and large dogs, our KNK dog harness has the right dimensions to support them. 2 inch wide and 47 inches from neck to final metal separator; besides this pulling dog harness was designed to distribute dog’s weight over the entire harness to support safety and comfort during the performance of your dog sport
  • Ideal for Dog Sports: The harness was designed thinking on maximizing your dog’s performance. For this reason, your dog can freely run without any kind of restrictions or pressure at any point. The Final Metal separator allows your dog to use 4 legs to maximize gripping over any surface and the Metal Welded D-Ring can be used to hook up anything, from a simple old tire to any kind of sophisticated weight cart; for these reasons this Dog Harness is perfect for training purposes and maximize your dog’s muscle development.
  • Comfort and Safety: This dog weight pulling harness is also seriously padded with a 10 mm high quality, soft and breathable material, so your dog’s chest will be protected all the time. The 2-inch-wide belt material makes this dog harness very sturdy and ideal for big and strong dogs. Its wide size and padding makes this harness even more comfortable that the seat belt of your car. Lightweight is an additional benefit, so your dog will be fully concentrated on pulling in one direction as a train.
  •  Easy to clean up: Resistant materials make this Dog Harness easy to clean. If you are using a lint roller or if you prefer to use soap and water you won’t be worried about causing damage during the cleaning process.Dog 

Are we clear so far?  

You can always contact us with your questions: admin@knkdogsupplies.com 


If everything is clear, let’s now go over the technical Stuff  

Technical Features

  • Lightweight and Sturdy Structure 
  • Wide Size: 2 Inch 
  • Length Size: up to 33 inches from neck to tail when fully extended 
  • Padded Chest with 10 mm High-Quality Soft and Comfortable Padding  
  • Metal Separator for better gripping on 4 legs 
  • Metal Welded D-Ring to hoop up anything 
  • Perfect Size for Medium and Large Dogs 
  • Black color or Black with Yellow stitch 
  • Easy to clean


  • Harness is perfect for medium and large dogs, 2 inch wide and 47 inches long, allowing up to 39” for the chest area and 26” for Neck area. Not adjustable but Easy to harness up!

High Quality Materials

  • High Quality Materials – Main belt is 2 inch wide and breaking point is 1600 lbs. Metal welded D-ring as leash attachment point, Metal Rivets and Metal Separator, all for maximum durability, Easy to clean
  • Seriously Padded – Padded chest with 10 mm of high quality soft and durable padding for Safety and Comfort.
  • Great for weight pulling
    Your dog will be your new bodyguard, he will develop muscle, confidence and strength; just imagine the new protection for you and your family!


  • High energy dog?
    Not a problem, this harness will drain all the accumulated energy resulting in a better behavior and social approval


  • Walking / Running 
    Comfortably walk the dog and the same time add a challenge by hooking up the harness to some weight or training cart, people loves to see a dog pulling


  • Safe
    This harness is seriously padded in the chest area, so don’t worry and start dog training, your pet will be comfortable and protected all the time


  • Extra grip 
    Final metal separator will allow your dog to use it’s fours legs resulting in more grip, traction and more POWER!

This guy is Bongo. The KNK Dog Supplies pack Leader, it has been amazing to see how a Boxer dog got this strengh, confidence and those AMAZING muscles! Just look that happy face ! 

Based on Bongo we strongly believe that not only pitbulls can develop muscle, in fact we use this harness with the other pack members, Huskies and Belgian Malinois 

Is your dog destroying everything?

  • This harness will drain all the accumulated energy while you resulting in a better behavior and social approval
  • Comfortably walk the dog and the same time add a challenge by hooking up the harness to some weight or training cart, people loves to see a dog pulling

Some comments of our happy customers

In summary, here is what you are getting

Heavy duty dog weight pulling harness, confortable and durable  


✅ You’ll be able to walk and train your dog at the same time  


✅ This harness can be also used in professional competition  


✅ Easy to get it from Amazon, just clik on the Buy It Now button 

Black Pulling Harness

Weight Pulling Dog Harness

Black Pulling Harness with yellow stitch


Do you still have questions or comments? Let us know!!