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KnK Dog Supplies is committed to provide options to connect pets and persons, we strongly believe that connection is the key for having a great pet, partner, bodyguard, family member and of course a Friend!! There are many strong breeds that cannot have a quality product in accordance with their characteristics, for this reason KnK Dog Supplies develops Dog Supplies for Strong Breeds that can be used for pets or working dogs always with the guarantee that our products are heavy duty resistance, take a look over our shop section and check our Dog Harness Vest and if you have questions comments or concerns PLEASE let us know, we are here to help!!

Any Dog Breed can wear our products since we know that there are many breeds and every single one has a different purpose as company dogs, working dogs, Police Dogs, Pet dogs, Service dogs; also if you are looking to develop muscle in your friend we have the perfect alternative for your pet, check out Dog Weight Pulling Harness! This guy can help you with the training of your friend! Or if you are only looking for an item that helps you to walk with your dog check our Dog Harness Vest! This guys is Sturdy and perfect option for walk, run, skate, track or any activity you want, always considering resistance and comfort for your friend, we can assure that you won’t find best Dog Harnesses for Strong Breeds that the one from KnK Dog Supplies.

Do you have a Pitbull, Boxer, Rottweiler or Husky? No problem, you name it! We have the perfect harness for any Strong Breed


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